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stratEl wrote:

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The individual. :)

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No. Not if you ever use it for anything but a doorstop. Literally.

That's why the single most important consideration of any serious
security minded person will begin with the user being the best tool for
keeping your data safe. The best firewall/AV/whatever software and
hardware in the world can be rendered completely useless by incompetence,
and marginal or even poor quality tools can be used successfully by
someone who has a deep knowledge of the problem. The happy medium is being
educated enough to choose decent tools and use them properly. A function
of the operator no matter how you slice it.

That rant aside, the next step in answering the question is to know
exactly what you're going to be doing with a machine or machines. It's
called threat assessment, and it's the difference between an internet
enabled machine being compromised because the user placed too much
emphasis on physical security, and a corporate accounting server being
compromised because the powers that be thought attackers would only enter
the building through a wire. ;)

Tell us what you plan to do, and with the fact that you are the most
important piece in the puzzle, maybe you can get some more specific
answers. :)

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