Re: Virus Disabled System Restore & Windows Security

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| > What if MBAM itself was dropping a malware item after cleaning a
| > machine?
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| > Who would ever know?
| *Someone* would soon discover it - we covered this possibility already
| in a previous discussion.
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Perhaps you are right ........... perhaps not! ;-)

I'd really like to know just *who* in the anti-malware community has
actually carried out such a check and where a 'clean bill of health' has
been posted for inspection. Has such an independent check been carried

Maybe Malwarebytes itself should commission an independent check by a
reputable organisation (how about Sophos?) and have the results posted
on the 'net to which anyone might refer if concerned about the
organisation's integrity.

Re: Virus Disabled System Restore & Windows Security

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BD, you seem to be the only person voicing that he may not trust the
program. In that event, perhaps you yourself should pay to have an
independent lab do the work you so desperatly want done. On your dime, as
I see no reason for malwarebytes to spend unneccessary funds to prove
what everyone else already knows; it's a safe and reliable program.

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