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On Tue, 31 Aug 2010 05:58:08 -0700 (PDT), TrulyMail Support wrote:

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Let's step back and examine where you are. I will add my own
experiences FYI.

You have two choices.

- Come clean on your website. You might as well since this entire
thread and your participation is forever available, archived and
easily retrieved by the most novice of privacy-seeking email users.

- Keep up what you are doing. OK, then you are who you are, a company
who sets profiteering well in advance of its customers privacy needs.

It's up to you.

In my case, I came to Usenet in 2003, put forth my product ideas, got
my ass handed to me, more times I can count. I used Usenet, hired
people from Usenet and learned a hell of a lot that I doubt I could
learn from any other venue. No pain, no gain. Considerable pain,
considerable gain.

Now you and your "company", if there actually is anyone else but "John
Andre", have to make your own choices.


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