Re: Truecrypt 4.1

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Jeremy wrote:

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Of course not. But it DOES require some degree performance or you wouldn't
have been there.

The correct response was that the failure wasn't foreseeable or caused by

What instructions do you suppose the Judge might have given you if the
flaw was known for a considerable amount of time, but Ford refused to fix
it? Just for the sake of argument, lets say that Ford's response to being
notified about the flaw was to simply stop production of that model. No
recall, no nothing.

In nemo's world Ford is somehow magically exempt because they throw up
their hands and say "ooooops, nevermind".

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No it isn't. You offer a product, some damage results from its use, and
you're faced with the problem of proving you had no knowledge or ability
to address the problem. Fact of life, like it or not. And it has
absolutely nothing to do with how much you charge for a product.

Lets say you had a gun collection and gave them all away to your friends
for home defense. But the firing pins were all removed. One of your
friends tried to defend himself one day and gets killed. You knew about
the missing firing pins but did nothing. You didn't even notify your
friends. Guess what Jeremy, you're in a world of shit.

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Where did I say they owed me anything? On the contrary I said they did
exactly what they should have done. We're "square" as far as I'm
concerned. Don't be mislead by nemo's bombast. He likes to argue for the
sake of argument.

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