Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

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On Tue, 31 May 2005 12:20:01 +0800, "Murray R. Van Luyn"

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It varies depending on the ISP, however asking nicely will cost
you nothing and may get the desired result.

If the guys hosting your website said there are no logs, they are
incompetent liars and you should dump them and take your
business to someone else.  Unless of course it was a 'free'
hosting deal - there you get what you pay for.

Jim Watt 

Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

Hi Jim,

I agree. It certainly couldn't hurt to politely ask the ISP if they can
help, and it won't cost a lot. I think I'll quite likely be going both
routes and taking a serious look at dsnoop as well. As soon as I get into
the midyear break that is. I can see having to ask people not to distribute
my files becoming an ongoing problem at this stage. It's better I find out
how to address the situation now. I'm bound to come across one or two ISPs
that have my interests way down on their list of priorities.

Yeah, I kind of thought it would be highly unusual for a service provider
not to be logging any of the traffic to or from their hosted sites. I
suppose it's part of the illusion they like to project. To tell people
otherwise that is. I would have liked to have gotten some post mortem info
on how my site was hacked. At least I could have hardened the script up a
bit. Oh well.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

Gee you guys are way nicer than some of the other newsgroups. Good on you.

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