Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

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Hi Unruh,

Don't worry. I like having a website, e-mail and internet access, and don't
want to lose or cause anyone to want to mess with any of it. I'll be good.

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

Murray R. Van Luyn wrote:

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As you may have guessed 'Dsniff' has about 101-ways to get you in bad
freaking trouble or sent to prison.

I was talking on IRC about this.

Basically you need to download and install irus
Run it and make sure that its sniffing packets from your computer. Run it in
the background surf the net, etc. look at the logs to make sure that you
have it configured. If all goes well, everywhere you've been should show

After you have it configured. log in to the p2p network and search for your
program.(Leave the sniffer running in the background)

Find your program and download it. This will show all those who have it and
should give you the originating IP. And everything else. (Leave it running
and you should catch the email) This is legal. The RIAA does the same

Personally, I haven't used windows for years. I have no idea about this
program/irus. From what I gather, its something like dsniff with a GUI and
(a) packet decoder. The difference is: Dsniff is free and Irus cost 1,000
bucks. But you do get a free 30-day free trial on irus.


Re: Tracing peer to peer user.

Hi Tommy,

Yep, I agree. If a peer to peer user is advertising his IP address with some
sort of file sharing program, then as far as I can see it's up for grabs.
I'm not so sure if any of the traffic associated with that address, and
specifically that not ordinarily sent to me, is similarly available. That
makes the e-mail address a bit of problem.

Thanks for the link to the irus trial download. I wonder how it gets around
the issue of obtaining someone else's traffic, maybe legally. After I get
some time to figure out exactly what I'm likely to be getting up to, I
suspect that it will have to be dsniff as opposed to irus anyway. There is
certainly a bit of an intellectual hump to surmount with the sniffer, but I
think it poses a little less of a challenge than irus' longer term price

Murray R. Van Luyn.

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