Re:Tor-MSN Messenger

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I haven't tested it, but there is a French company that claims to have  
developed a free plugin for MSN to carry out secure communications:

Please be respectful of Tor and moderate your language even if it does not  
work for what you want do not forget that it is run for free for  
volunteers and certainly was never designed so that people in some  
relatively free country at work can chat over MSN if you want a  
chat/internet browsing system to use during working hours that will cheat  
your sys admin and bosses consider some payment service specialised in  
that, there are quite a few.


I want to hide from my sys admin and Tor *IS* what I need.

Can anyone help me?

Let's bring an answer to this question:
Is it possible to torify MSN Messenger chat/conversations traffic? How?

I couldn't find the answer using google...

My investigations lead me to think it is not possible because this fucking  
piece of shit establishes direct TCP
connections regardless of the SOCKS settings.

But I would like to get different oppinions to validate.

Thanks folks

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