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On Thu, 04 Nov 2010 17:53:11 -0000, Ix wrote:

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Nice work and a decent "How to". But only decent.

For the average user who knows enough about ToR that there exists
rogue, bad or disconnecting nodes, your suggestion is impractical. If
you could show a typical insertion of your list into a sample torrc
file, that would go along way to asssissting such a user.

Next, an explanation of "Create an ExcludeNodes or ExcludeExitNodes
string by using the ExcludeNodes generator.
Format example: ExcludeNodes $fingerprint1, $fingerprint2 or
ExcludeExitNodes $fingerprint1, $fingerprint2" would, again, greatly
assist said user.

These kinds of problems usually exist because the authors (you in this
case) have no "feel" for the capabilities of the average user. Don't
feel estranged, the remailers have yet to understand how to dumb down
their software implementations and they have been at it for a decade
or better.

My assumption here is that you give a shit since you have already
demonstrated an enormous commitment to aiding the practical use of the
ToR network. Perhaps I am wrong.

We work with the dumbest of the dumb, the high school dropout
enlistees of the US Armed Forces. No matter how we dumb-down our GUIs,
and the use of our programs, we still are amazed at the
mouth-breathers who can't find a cursor to fit into an open text

Last suggestion. Sit down with said user I have mentioned and let him
read, then attempt, your implementation. Watch how he struggles. Be
amazed at how ABCish you have to be to reach down to his level. :)

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