Re: Privacy/Security: How to change my IP address daily or weekly on DSL

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On Thu, 19 Oct 2006 00:40:07 +0100, Mark McIntyre wrote:
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Uh. Google Groups

I see my posts dating back to 1990 (some of which I am embarrassed about as
they used my maiden name and my young kids don't even know I was previously

Luckily I haven't posted using my real name in more than a decade, but, I
can still easily find all my alt.personals type posts dating back to the
early nineties in about a nanosecond when I was still married to my first

Don't you realize each and every usenet post archived by google has the
NNTP posting host and my NNTP posting host uniquely identifies me, whether
I like it or not. If I had kept the same IP address, then all those posts
can be tied together by my kids and my spouse and by some kook out there

I just want to post without having a connection to earlier posts that even
a grade school child could follow. It's just a little additive privacy that
is so simple to accomplish if I could only figure out a software way to
tell the router to dial back into the PPPoE connection.

Re: Privacy/Security: How to change my IP address daily or weekly on DSL

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Turn the damned thing off at night -- don't you ever sleep? Then you'll
get a new IP every morning with your coffee and diazepam. Turn it off
when you go out to walk the dog, turn it off when you're doing the

My OS has thing that disconnects if it's been idle for a certain time
(with PPPoE), but the router doesn't do this, for fairly obvious
reasons. Throw away your external router and connect directly from your
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