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I have seen symantec products conflict w/ a lot of things over the
last 10 years. The most recent being Norton was stopping a friend of
mine from saving a Word Doc.

Re: Norton or McAfee

donnie wrote:
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Was it stopping the document save due to a Word macro virus?  I have
used word from its earliest roots (and Norton a/v) and never ran into
Symantec or Word refusing to save even a virus file. I intentionally
save viruses for reference, bit inverted obviously, but saved for

Yes, through the years Norton/Symantec have had various hiccups, though
if one looks at the AV community issues are not unique to Symantec.
There have been some issues with MicroTrend and McAfee recently. It is
not a simple business.

My most disturbing issue with Symantec is the inability to remove the
product from the system completely without manual editing of the
registry.  With almost all COTS systems being sold having the product
not only preinstalled but on the system rebuild images, I find it
irritating.  When one runs uninstall, it "should" completely uninstall.
  But many vendors tend to leave crap in the registry on uninstall,
problem is not unique to Symantec, who notices right? But the problem
with AV products doing this is it can make other competing product
installs flaky, sometimes even causes problems when upgrading with newer
Symantec product.

That said, while all products have had issues, Norton has got very good
at their business. I manage a number of class C networks with it running
client side and have found overall, the product remarkably stable.

I can understand your frustration, but I suspect I could give similar
examples to the other AV products on the market.  I have had excellent
support from Symantec, which is more than I have received from other

On a side note:

I did find the information someone posted her on firewall leak testing interesting however some of
the leak testing done were not related to software firewalls but general
system security.   If one allows nasty code inside their system, all
bets are off for what might be leaked passed the firewall.  I don't care
what kind of firewall one has. But some of the source code on the site
is worth considering when securing a system.


Re: Norton or McAfee

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I just found out that Symantec customer technical support does not apply to
products over 2 years old.

They just lost a long term customer. Anyone know how to rid a computer of
all traces of Norton AV????


Re: Norton or McAfee

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rnav.exe available from

This removed NAV from 2000>2003


Ian Kenefick

Re: Norton or McAfee

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I'll answer a few of the points you made. No, there was no macro
Yes, I'm sure there are issues w/ some of the other AV programs which
is why I try to avoid being put into a corner as to "which side are
you on"? type of thing. Notice I didn't pick McAfee, I just said I
wouldn't use Symantec. Constantly, someone wants us to choose,
republican or democrat, leader or follower, Arab or Jew, New York
Times or the New York Post.. Do I really have to pick one?  I don't
like any of those choices.  .
I don't have any AV program on my PC and I never get  a virus  The
last time I updated and ran Spybot S&D, it said Congrats, no problems
were found..  
Yes, I agree on the unistall problem of having to make registry
changes.  In fact, there is a Symantec product worse then that in
regards to uninstall. WinFax Pro.  If you try to uninstall it and if
you don't choose 'yes to all' when prompted for the removal of certain
files, you have to either go into the registry or re-instrall the OS
in order to re-install WinFax.
In conclusion, all the years that I have been either using PCs, it
seems that the conflicts will never stop and the price just keeps
rising. That's enough for me to boycott symantec.

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