Re: Microsoft warns of "critical" security flaws

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I need help with" Microsoft Security Essentials "
and windows defender.

Re: Microsoft warns of "critical" security flaws

Bill wrote:

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Oh yeah, that was detailed so anyone would know how to reply, uh huh.
Plus you just had to hijack someone else's 4 YEAR OLD thread, too.

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Re: Microsoft warns of "critical" security flaws

 (much snippage)
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     You didn't include one of my favorite links:

Arthur T. - ar23hur "at" intergate "dot" com

Re: Microsoft warns of "critical" security flaws

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On the o ther hand, the guy actually asked a security related question,
which frankly, is above average round here lately.

Sure it was a grossly underspecified security related question, but it
WAS a security related question.

Do not be chased off by the flames... original poster, please resubmit
what issues you're having with MSE and windows defender.  Or perhaps did
you get duped by the fake antivirus product that has been designed to
look nearly exactly like it... but is instead scareware?

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