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Hi. I don't know what kind of reporting you need.I use Sygate myself. But
have always thought the software firewalls more or less are very similar -
except for windows firewalls, which are close to useless. Here is a link to
comparisons. There are other tests if you google.

If you are thinking of possibly adding an additional hardware device that
acts like a firewall, you may get the added reporting you need. A Cisco 501
is a little extreme.

I try to find useful and user friendly implementations of Linux. I have
found 2 products that are quite easy to use and have a nice friendly
support community where you can aks questions an not recieve rude replys. I
deploy both.

smoothwall - /
build on linux. you can install it on a machine with quite low hardware
specs, depending on the features you need. i have heard of people running
it on a PII with 64mb RAM. A great way to re-use old machines.

monowall - /
Build on bsd. Similar to above. More options and a little less user
friendly. Added bonus is it's designed to work on soekris hardware thats
optimized for firewall, router functionality and designed to be running

In both cases you can extract very indept reporting from them.



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