Re: Google censors Unicode 0x12000

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Besides setting up your OWN webv site, here is a simple solution.

Instead of posting the text in UTF-32 codepoints directly, post a graphic of the
of the text represented in UTF-32 codepoints.

BTW:  I don't think the word "censorship" is apropos in this situation.

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Re: Google censors Unicode 0x12000

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Unicode 6.0 is intended to let all character sets from many cultures
be displayed on most computers. I am working to confirm that for
Cuneiform, the original alphabet of Iraq. As an alternative to
Unicode, I could make a jpeg image of clay tablets I prepare with a

This may not be appropriate to call this Censorship, when an American
superpower corporation destroys the writings of Iraq. A better
description instead of censorship might be patriotism. Or maybe this
is a heroic effort to make the world safe for Anglophiles by deleting
Cuneiform Iraqi files. Imagine how this deletion of my Unicode code
points for Cuneiform may have occurred: Bush is sitting in his bunker
in Crawford Texas glued to his plasma monitor, scouring the websites
of the world with robotic killer code, unleashing programmatic ethnic
cleansing to provide a Uniform character set instead of Unicode
varieties for which there may be a 1% chance of malicious intent.

Yes, you are right, an image of Cuneiform may be more secure from such

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