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Hi Charlie42

I went to this site (matousec) and then onwards to
where I ran a scan which produced the following result:-
Nmap Options: -p-PN-5000PN-5000 -T4 -sS
Starting Nmap 4.75 ( ) at 2009-02-28 14:13 Central Europe
Standard Time
Error #486: Your port specifications are illegal. Example of proper form:

I then Google "Error #486: Your port specifications are illegal"

The first entry was which says

Trace-back risk
Posted in Security on ??????? 19, 2008 by cypriothackers

We have recently come upon a major trace-back high-risk bug in the event of
one intruding in a system while having a dual-boot (that is linux and
windows on the same hard disk).

It appears that many intruders that have Windows installed prior to
installing linux on the same hard disk, are leaving trails behind them which
come from the windows part of the hdd. We are assuming this is because if
you install linux on a hard drive with an already installed windows, the
boot sector of linux is sharing the same path as the windows sector. If this
is the case then maybe many black-hats could be cought due to this.
These are just assumptions though which are simply based on some
observations we have made. We will investigate the matter deeper and come
back on this with more information.

The CHC.


Seems relevant as, right now, I have Linux (Ubuntu) installed on my hard
disk alongside Windows XP Home (I've also Windows7 Beta on another partition

Just playing really, but thought it might be of interest to others!



Re: Firewall

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