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nemo_outis wrote:

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If you're a moron. There's nothing wrong with trusting code someone
else wrote. individuals, businesses, and even governments do it
every day with no ill effects. The key is learning enough to know
WHICH code to trust and definitely not listening to idiots like you.

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Nobody ever said it was. It makes you feel like a grownup to lie
and try to make it sound like someone did, but it never happened.

Once again, open source is an additional barrier for bad or evil
code to overcome. The ideal would be poth public and private review.

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Yeah, that's why the last two flaws in GnuPG were discovered by an
independent reviewer. And why the last SSL bug was discovered the
same way.

Never mind the fact that reality PROVES it works or anything, just
go ahead on and blither.

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Wy do you suppose it is you have to pretend it's an either/or world
just to try and make a point?

Do you suppose you've had your ass handed to you over this before
and now your ego just won't let you sleep unless you spread this
sort of nonsense?

Of course that's it.

<rest snipped unread>

Re: DriveCrypt

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Dear, dear!  What to do? What to do?   Listen to K. Thompson - a giant of
computing, the recipient of the Turing Award, the corecipient (with
Ritchie) of the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton for co-
inventing the UNIX operating system and the C programming language - in his
paper published by the ACM, which is considered a classic of computer
literature, or instead to the whinings of an anonymous troll?

Back under your bridge, troll!

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