Re: DesktopX, Windows Blinds Froze XP

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Install Third-Party Rinky-Dink tweaks and "enhancements" and pay the price
of frequent incompatibility with XP and non-functioning computers.

Why should Microsoft design the OS so all these little fly-by-night
companies can get a free ride and be parasites on the Operating System --
ripping off potential profits for MS as well as ham-stringing the OS with
shabby, shoddy code?

I LOVE to see it when these pogues get hoist with their own petars and wind
up with BSOD or frozen screens -- or worse.

The Wages Of Sin & Arrant Foolishness...

PUT the New Features IN the OS.


If you screwed the pooch and went ahead and put one of these Third Party
timebombs on your system -- DON'T come crying to Microsoft.  GO to the site
of the people who sold you the software and get THEM to tell you what's
WRONG.  ******

Heh, Heh -- Fat Chance Of That.  They don't want to get into the Technical
Support Business.  FAR too expensive -- and 'twould cut into those
fly-by-night profits they hope to rip off -- as Freeriders on Microsoft

"im [sic] a chef not a coder."  [See Below]


He's also trying to do this with only 256 MB of RAM.

'Nuff Said.


Lux et Veritas et Libertas

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Hilarious!  -- DSH

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Re: DesktopX, Windows Blinds Froze XP

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D. Spencer Hines wrote:
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Stardock Corporation?  Rinky-Dink?  Fly-by-Night?  What planet do you
live on, young mister D. Spencer Hines?

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Re: DesktopX, Windows Blinds Froze XP

Timoleon wrote:
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Trollonia... planet of 10,000,000 bridges. Fourth planet from the
Asstardus star, its inhabitants are easily identified by their odd odor
and and an almost reflexive drive to mate with pigeons.

Main exports are fertilizer and temperature enhanced oxygen-nitrogen

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