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Also in further response to my last posting would there be a way of tracing
the person in particular to identify who it was who hacked into you
regardless of whether you had a firewall or not....

Re: Computer Hacking

On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 15:20:34 +0100, Chris Suckling  

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It should be possible for a law enforcement agency to find out if the  
seized has any trojan or virus on it and if it is vulnerable (firewall  
antivirus up/out dated,etc), which could establish the likehood of someone
being able to hack into the computer.

If the computer is found vulnerable and the suspect claims that some  
hacker has planted the pictures the line of investigation will go towards
examining the internet activity, if they can not proof that the suspect has
downloaded the pictures off the internet and the computer has a trojan, in  
oppinion the case does not hold enough ground to convict a suspect beyond
reasonable doubt.

Most pictures are downloaded off the internet, if the suspect does not  
wipe his hard disk
and does not use encryption, any law enforcement agency should be able to  
the traces. Even if the disk has been wiped it could be possible to find  
out the
traces if not done properly, and having a data wiper installed will surely  
against the defendant in court, but this alone proves nothing.

Each case is different from another, and there are many factors into  

For private questions feel free to email me: forensic at , but I  
do not
guarantee any quick reply or even a correct one.

PS: Unless the persorn hacking into your computer it is a scriptkiddie in  
my oppinion
it is highly unlikely he could be traced. It will all depence on the logs  
and how careful he has been, having a firewall does not guarantee you can  
not be hacked
but it makes it harder.

I have noticed you are using an UK ISP to post, the UK has one of the  
worst records in the
World about data privacy, you may want to stop your ISP from holding your  
data for years
by using some paid for proxy like:

Or tor , which is free but needs a little learning to be  

Re: Computer Hacking


The free server thing that you refer to who owns it and when you say the
information on it cannot be obtained what do you mean, what would be the
difference from getting the free pay option to the paid option.... any
response or help would be appreciated

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Re: Computer Hacking

On Wed, 04 Oct 2006 20:48:08 +0100, Chris Suckling  

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I think that if you visit the webpage given you will find it very well

But cutting short, Tor is not a single server, it is a combination of  
where not even the owner of the servers cand find out who is using it at  
last end, as they work chained.

The Tor network was created by the Electronics Frontiers Foundation so
that people living in opressive regimes can surf the internet without
fear of prosecution and bypassing the internet filters of their countries.

Tor server operators are all volunteers nobody gets paid anything, it's
all done to help citizens to be anonymous on the internet, because data
retention laws can be abused as much as can be helpful.

Because Tor is run by volunteers for free, it can be real slow sometimes
and it is not reccomended for big file downloads, that is one
difference between paid for servers and Tor, paid for servers are much
faster. Another bad point of Tor is that is not easy to set up for
newbies. Paid for servers will all make sure you can make it work
otherwise they lose your subscription.

The bad side of the paid for servers is that you have to trust them, they
claim not to retain your data but you have no way of knowing 100%, with  
Tor you
have no such problem because even if they retain data it is useless, the
server operators could not know who is doing what as it is not a single
server but a network of them.

Newsgroups that are more convenient for anonymous internet access


Cotse ( ) also has its own newsgroup:


I think you are using also a UK company to access newsgroups, be
warned that they also tend to censor the newsgroups they carry, if you
want free access to newsgroups without any censorship just Google
for "uncensored newsprovider", then you can set it up with SSL and your
ISP will not be able to tell what you are reading, get a provider
 from any western country other than UK, it is good for privacy to use
companies based out of your home country, ideally based somewhere
with strong data privacy laws.

Anonymous search:

Tor has its own newsgroup too I forgot the address.

Some other useful link:

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