Re: Completely replace software firewall with hardware firewall?

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I sympathize.  

Yes, it is an acute PITA to realize that to do a litttle surfing
and emailing in relative security, you must devote untold hours
to mastering the arcana of firewalls, virus checkers, spyware
eliminators, and on and on.

But such is life on the internet.

The question is: Are you willing to settle for "not bad" or
"pretty good" protection, or do you wish to be (nearly)

The latter takes enormous effort including educating yourself
about endless nooks and crannies of OSs and programs.  The former
can be done with much less effort but the risks remain

What can I say?  It's up to you to choose.


PS      Fortunately there are tools that cater to the different
mindsets.  While, for instance, no firewall will be rock-solid
when used "out of the box," those like Zonealarm will provide
considerable - but by no means complete - protection for those
who don't want to spend a lot of efort.

OTOH you can diddle with, say, Sygate endlessly to get it "just
so" and it will provide better - but still not perfect -

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