Re: Cloned disk "thinks" it is much smaller than it is.

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Apologies for not having mentioned the cloning software used; I don't
recall (it was done half a year ago); it was not Norton Ghost.
The OS is Win2K and the BIOS recognizes 200MB drives fine.

The issue is "now what?" Are there some bytes in some sector that I can
find with a disk editor and change them so that the disk will now "know"
its true size? Is there any other fix other than a complete
If I were to clone the present 200GB drive (which thinks it is an 80GB
one) to a third drive, say, a 200GB one, which software would you
recommend to use so that this third drive will not "think" it is an 80GB

And, by the way, this IS a security issue in the following sense: Could
one hide data in the seemingly inaccessible 200-80 GB space, and access
it with some other software? Would Encase see it?

Re: Cloned disk "thinks" it is much smaller than it is.

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As a WAG the problem may arise from:

1.  Your ghosting, if done in sector-by-sector mode, copied - and later
restored - the "original" partition table.  If so, that table will have
"old" information about partition cylinder boundaries, etc. (or the
equivalent re LBA).

2.  Some NTFS partitions/drives implicitly contain metadata about the
drive size in the MFT and related structures.

The first is reasonably easy to fix - edit the table directly if you
know what you're doing, or find a partition mamager/resizer that will
handle it (most should?)..  I don't have a clue about the second problem
except to know it exists and that there are several Norton Ghost
switches to handle it (e.g., -ntexact, -ntiid, etc.).


Re: Cloned disk "thinks" it is much smaller than it is.

Nomen Nescio wrote:
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my suggestion would be to format a another drive using partion magic
magic then clone the 200/80 gb onto that with norton ghost then
re-format the 200/80 gb drive to the size of 200 gb

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