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The firewall keeps bringing "this" up.  And what is "this"?  The
firewall actually says just "this" in its alert popup?  You sure it
doesn't say what process it is (by filename), what port, and what is the
target IP address or hostname?  Pretty useless firewall if it can't tell
you to WHERE a process is trying to connect and on what port.  Maybe it
is using the internal loopback interface on your NIC (i.e., localhost or or maybe the external interface (i.e., the IP address
assigned to your host).

From :

"The Catalyst® Control Center has been separated into different
components (a unique instance of CLI.exe per component) because it
allows us to tune the characteristics of the process instance to the
type of component. One component is called the “Runtime”, which acts as
a server to all of the other client components. The two other client
components are the “User-Interface” and the “System Tray”. The client
“CLI.exe”s are tuned differently to enhance performance; the
“User-Interface” client is optimized to run for short periods of time,
whereas the “System Tray” client is designed to run for long periods of
time. The “preview.exe” file (used for the 3D preview) is a based on the
Win32 process (whereas the rest of the Catalyst® Control Center is based
on the .NET framework), and is strictly an OpenGL application. Note that
the preview “preview.exe” process is used only when the “User-Interface”
is operating, and is ended as soon as the Catalyst® Control Center is

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