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Keeping the wlan in the DMZ has a significant pro in that your
firewall will prevent WLAN traffic (generally less trusted due to the
inability to physically control access with certainty) from hitting
your wired LAN.   the con is that if you need wireless clients to
access wired LAN resources, then you need to implement a VPN (which
isn't that hard these days with openvpn available as a module for 3rd
party firmware available for low cost  routers).  

The concern about wireless users protection from internet threats can
be mitigated if a wireless router/firewall is chosen instead of just
an AP.

Details vary - are we talking about a home network or something a bit
more heavy duty?

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Re: AP where on network

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If the firewall permits it, you can use Firewall Authentication via
HTTP/HTTPS instead of the VPN - using a browser to auth with the
firewall and then use a rule to allow AUTH>LAN from DMZ. This means that
you don't have to do a VPN, so you get better speed/performance.

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