Questions from a newbie regarding persistant viruses

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I am new to computers but learning fast. I am using widows vista. I am also usig
XP. It seems lie I have had seven stubborn virues that cannot be removed. They
are and trojan.zlob. There are seven of these viruses that are
affixed to my music, video, and picture files which I have not even used. Like I
say I am a newbie and i just got my computer a week ago. I run the malwatre scan
on quick scan and the long scan (this is one of the best malware scanners in
computerdom) and I keep seeing the same viruses. I keep removing them and then I
run the scan and there they are. I decided to reformat my hard drive twice. I
finish reformatting run scan and there they are again. Someone told me the
viruses are on my copy of xp or vista but not likely vista and he told me to get
a new copy of XP or vista. Here is where I show my ignorance. How do I get a new
copy of vista or a new copy of xp? I had vista and xp preinstled when I got my
computer. I don't even know what a "copy" of vista or xp is. Is it a CD you can
buy? Is it available for dowload if you pay for it? Recently I came up with the
idea that I could destroy these viruses by wiping my hard drive with a wiper
utility. The ulility is said the destroy the whole operating system. Does this
mean I will need to buy or download a new copy of xp and vista after the hard
drive is wiped? I hate getting viruses and I have a cheesy firewall that came
complimentary along with a cheesy virus protection service. Can you buy a
firewall machine of some kind, a hard ware firewall as opposed to a software
firewall that you plug into your computer and would do a superior job of keeping
your computer from being infected? There is a guy in my college class who is
smitten with me, a computer geek, who keeps mailing me and I am afraid of
viruses because he keeps sending me pictures and weird encoding in his mails.
Would anyone care to meditate of my problems?

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