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Hello all,
    I recently just got back into computers and I'm thinking about persuing
a carrier in Netwok Security, I use to trouble shoot ADSL,Cable, Dial up
connections with earthlink before they outsourced overseas. After that I
went to driving a truck OTR to see some of America but right before I met a
Lady and know she has talked me off the road and into getting married well
not really into it. I went willing but I dont really care for driving local
So I built acouple comps and got back online.

What im looking for are the following

A good book for basic networking to start understand networking better.
(website would be nice also)
    - I can do basic networking IE, installing router, config computers to
talk with each other ( just very basic there) and sharing a network comp
A good book for basic Information Security. (Website would be nice also)
    - All i know here is security risk are bad (Would enventully like to
become very knowledgeable in this area and hopefully get a job doing this
full time)
Also if any one know a Place were i could get some online training in the
subject would be nice also

I have been searching for information but you never know which
sites are good and not that good so that takes awhile I go to certain
websites and such for Product information IE Norton, Macfee, Microsoft so
forth and so on and able to gather a little informaiton there.

Thanks for any help and Yes i know my grammer and spelling is awful but im
working onthat also by redding more and hopefully next semster taking some
classes if i can get time away from my job to work on that.

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