question about 'hackings', logins, cookies, etc.

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 hello.. not sure where to post this exactly.. but i'm new here and
have a question.

if someone is accused of hacking, well, not hacking but getting through
someone's password or using a person's account once.. not for posting,
but entrance...
like on a non-official music board, what could happen? what legal stuff
could happen? if anything?

a friend of mine happened to do this... (Not that i support it!).. but,
rather concerned. thats all.

it was a fan-run (but paid for) jelsoft message board.
he and a friend on that forum both had eachothers passwords (long
story), and he logged in to check something with that account, the
friend knows about it, and even gave them permission. but the moderator
of the board, supposoedly saw some other probs going on with the forum
and noticed that his friend was logged in with a totally other IP and
questioned it.

but the odd thing is, when they did that... the whole board went crazy
and people were having probs getting into their own accounts or unable
to get in, somehow. which makes no sense to me.
so, they had nothing to do with that, but they thin maybe somehow it
did. because the website is a shared server and alwyas has problems

the website is based in the UK.
we.. are in the USA.

as i said, he had permission.
but the moderator thought the other persons account was being hacked,
since they saw that other people on the forum were having probs around
the same day.
hence, why they noticed the IP different. that the friend was in the UK
and his was in the USA.. and it didnt add up.

also, is it possible that by them doing that with eachothers accounts
that it could have caused other totally unrelated members of the forum
to be having login problems? or having trouble getting into their

also, if they report this.. what happens? it goes as a complaint to the
server and then they contact the ISP and then what?

thanks in advance!!!

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