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"Eeeeeeeh....." Joshua sounded suspiciously like he was trying to evade the
question. "Not exactly," he said, finally. "Our cells are asexual but we hav
e a way of creating new....'souls' is probably the best word for it. I'd hav
e a really difficult time explaining it to you."
Carl leaned on the railing of the Santa Monica Pier, happily munching on a c
orn dog. I had a corn dog of my own, but I was somewhat more somber. I was f
iguring out how I was going to tell my boss that the alien he had entrusted
to my care had mysteriously disappeared into the Angeles National Forest.
"Of course," Adams said, and looked back at Michelle. "Don't expect too much
 from her over the next couple of days," he said. "But if you can, talk to h
er. Let her hear familiar voices. That helps as often as not. If she has any
 family, you should contact them and see if they can come as well."
"Here's the big gun," I said. "Get as much financing as you can from your us
ual sources, and whatever your shortfall from eight million, Michelle will c
over it. Whatever it is."

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