Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program

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If you are not satisfied with the remedies offered by Diamond Computer
Systems regarding the recent discontinuation of TDS and would like
to file a complaint, here are SOME of the agencies and organizations you can
file via the Internet with:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:

The ACCC is concerned with misleading conduct or businesses with all or
partial operations in Australia, where DCS is based. They are
especially interested in companies which misrepresent their goods via the
Internet. During the past several days, several of our clients who
were using TDS and could not come to terms with DCS have filed complaints
with the ACCC. The ACCC has been VERY receptive to these
complaints and would like others who have been affected to come forward and
file a complaint. For more information about the ACCC and/or
to file a complaint, start at this link:


If you are in the United States of America, the Federal Trade Commission
regulates Internet sales if ANY PART of the transaction in carried over
telephone lines. If you ordered over the Internet, it is most likely that
some part of the transaction was carried over phone lines, thus you are
covered and can register a complaint with them:

https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq $.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

Although the Federal Trade Commission can take no direct action against
Diamond Computer Systems in Australia, the CAN block DCS from doing business
in the United States via mail, telephone and Internet.

There are similar federal agencies in other countries whose rules are
similar to those in the United States. If you are outside the United States,
search the Internet for the federal consumer protection bureau in your


If you purchased a DCS product and HAVE NOT YET paid your credit card bill,
contact your credit card company and tell them to put a stop on that payment
immediately. You can contest your payment for any product for which you have
not yet paid.

If you have ALREADY PAID your credit card bill, even if it was some time
ago, contact your credit card company immediately and as them for
remediation with Diamond Computer Systems. Your credit card company can
pressure DCS to provide you with a full or partial refund, and in cases
where fraud can be identified, can charge-back even an old bill.

Most of all, if VISA, MASTERCARD or other credit card companies receive
enough complaints, they will pull DCS as a credit card merchant. If you used
PAY PAL or any other method of payment, even if it was some time ago, FILE A

Local Better Business Bureau:

In the United States and in other parts of the world, you can file
complaints with your local Better Business Bureaus.  Although the scope of
these non-governmental entities are limited, they will at least maintain
your complaint on record so that others looking to make purchases
are made aware of dubious business practices.

These are SOME of the remedies that you have to recover all or part of your
payment(s) for products promised and not delivered.


Please add on to this thread any other local, state and federal remedies or
others that we may have missed.  In addition, if you live outside of
Australia, where DCS is based, and other remedies are available, please post
them in this thread.

Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program


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For those who are as mystified as me regarding what this rant was
about now see:

http://tds.diamondcs.com.au /

Although it may vary by where your credit card is domiciled
you have six months to request a chargeback against goods
which are defective.  In practice the card issuers are rather
reluctant to do this on software because of the ease of buying
it, copying it and then saying its duff and getting a refund.

However, my initial sympathy is with DCS as it sounds like
they have found that lots of people are using their products
without paying and the future for anti-trojan scanners is
limited.  it looks like they are a small Aussie company trying
hard and selling inexpensive software.

But you can't please everyone, not even Microsoft can
manage that :)

I've just discontinued my payroll package (written 1982)
hope nobody sues.
Jim Watt          

Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program

Well, that was one side of the story.  There are many folks who were using
anti-trojan program who are seriously concerned about recouping some of
their losses in the investment they made.  I thank Art for posting this
information.  Wayne seems to be completely unresponsive to many of the
concerns which have been voiced.  With TDS already gone down the crapper, my
guess is that his other programs like Port Explorer, Process Guard, Worm
Guard and the like will also be "circling the bowl" very shortly.  For those
who use these programs and have not already heard about the fiasco involving
TDS-3 and TDS-4, I refer you to the following two message boards:


(Watch the wrap on that one!)


http://www.voy.com/197627 /

Both areas have ongoing discussions about the poor and shabby treatment
receive from Wayne at Diamond Computer Systems.  I think this will help to
provide a more balanced view of what has transpired-- essentially, the
program was cut even thought the company had continued to sell it under the
premise that a new version was imminent.  DCS now appears reluctant to back
their promises and has not been responsive to customers inquiries regarding

Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program

On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 22:02:31 -0400, "Rusty 1"


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Or looking at it from the other side, a small company sold a program
inexpensivly which required constant updating and lots of internet
bandwidth and which was widely pirated and decided they were not
making anything out of it so pulled the plug.

Given that MS give away their anti-spyware software, as do Adaware
and Spybot, the anti-virus programs now cover trojans, who needs the
product anyway?  If it cleaned up your machjne once its cheaper than
having someone do the job professionally.

Jim Watt          

Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program

jimwatt@aol.no_way says...
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In reading the boards it seems like there are some who would rather have
seen them go bankrupt just so they can get another version, to hell with
DCS if it broke them.  A small company, forced to discontinue a product
that defined them yet one they could not afford to continue and one that
had no future.  My sympathies also lie with DCS, some decisions are
difficult enough to make without the guarantee of assholes trying to
turn it into a huge conspiricy on the Net.  They have offered to refund
and/or grant free licenses to other products.  They don't owe anyone any
more than that.

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Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program

That' the problem Steve---- Wayne is refusing to give refunds to folks who
already have licenses for the programs he is offering licenses for.  Folks
who bought in good faith are NOT being offered any refunds.

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Re: Possible Remedies Against Anti-Trojan Company DCS re: TDS Program


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You mean they have never even run the program and got
value out of it?

The money involved is pretty insignificant, rather
less than one might pay for a years updates of McAfee
or Norton.
Jim Watt          

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