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what is the payrate of a computer security personal acording to experiance?
thanks dave

Re: pay rate

I recently got a job offer from cali to work as a security consultant
at 37 bucks an hour.
I am NSA/NSTSSI Certified as an infosec professional(4011) and a
Designated approving authority(4012), now called an Authorizing

I also have my Bachelors in computer security and a bachelors in comp

The Pay rate for a security pro varies depending on what area you are's proportional to the cost of living like most every other job.

The more certifications you have..the more your value goes up.
MCSE:Security, Security+, GIAC are a few good ones to have but if you
want 6 figures, you're going to want to shoot for CISSP

Re: pay rate

jms504 wrote:
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While certs certainly help get your foot in the door, they aren't a
requirement for a higher rate.  My typical rate as a prime is $125/hour
and my sub rate varies depending on who the prime is and what my duties
will include, but it averages between $75 and $100.

...and I don't have a CISSP, GIAC, MSCE, or a degree.  I have experience
and references.  Those certs don't mean that the person knows everything
they shold, either.  I know a CISSP who didn't know that gre was protocol
47 - he thought is was PORT 47 and was wondering why the VPN wasn't
connecting.  Just goes to show that certs don't equal experience, but a
balance of both is ideal.


Re: pay rate

Kevin youre absolutely right.

I just suggested some certs. If you have the experience, then that
trumps anything else.
No experience=no job!

Good luck man!

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