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I've just created a password generator beta, and would be interested in
getting feedback on it.  It's JSP/Java-based, and can be found at .

The "About" page has a quick survey on it for you to fill out.


Walter Gildersleeve
Freiburg, Germany

Re: Password Generator wrote:
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Well initial thought of password gen was cool, then I realized it gave
the same random complex passwords repeatedly.  Didn't try either of the
other options due to lack of security of method.


Re: Password Generator

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I think it only *appears* to.  What browser are you using?  It seems
that mozilla only resubmits a form if you change something in the form;
if you repeatedly click "submit," nothing happens.  I'm working on a
work-around now.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

is this related to the above comment?  Or do you mean something else
(ie, no https, for instance)?

Re: Password Generator wrote:
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If (BIG IF) I were using a web generated password generator, I would
want it in a secure pipe.  Yes, I was using Firefox.  Would never try an
untrusted site with IE.  Of course I would never get passwords from one

But the examples of the complex password I saw (working from memory now)
did not seem to be extremely complex in password formation.  I would
prefer at least 2 chars from each of the 4 char sets in a more random
pattern.  There is an old free utility on the net called password safe
that does a reasonable job at creating random passwords at a user
defined length, of course it remembers them for me too...   Though it is
even more useful to also include alt codes for chars not readily entered
for even higher security.  Let me know when you fix the  Firefox issue,
curious to see it work.


Re: Password Generator

I've added a Mozilla hack--it appears to have solved the problem.  All
I'm doing is adding a hidden, random input field to the password form,
therebye making Mozilla think the data has changed, even when it

Thanks for the tip!

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