OT: Help, bios problems!

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For some reason my computer would not recognize my cd roms, so I
pressed F2 and went into the bios window. I went to the area that
showed the CD roms and hit Reset default. And I have screwed things up
big time. No matter what i do, I cannot get back into that window. I
have held down f2, f8, f10, delete, and other keys when booting up and
nothing. However, when I hit f2 after a few seonds I get 2 icons on a
screen that use to have about 50 and nothing else will happen. How can
I get back into the bios and once there, what should I do to get it
back where it was before I screwed things up? I am at the library and
will return on Friday to check if anyone has responded. I have done
all I could think of and would appreciate any help you can give me.
Since I posted the above, someone came over and got windows to go back
to normal, but the computer will still not allow access to the bios
window. I even took the battery out of the motherboard for about 10
minutes. Is that enough time or should I do something else?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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