Norton Parent Control changed to REDUCE security!

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Norton updated itself this morning and there is a new, ridiculous
feature. I always run:
a> as a low permissioned user, as is best practise
b> with parental control turned OFF because I'm an adult for goodness

Now Norton is detecting the account is low permissioned, forcing
parental control on, and not allowing the account to be any higher than
a child! How dare they make such assumptions!!

I can't find anything about this offensive "feature" on their site and
the only options I seem to have are
- disable internet security all together (leaving me wondering why I
just renewed the license last week), or
- run all the time as a full user - which I don't want to do as other
members of my family are not as security savvy as me - but in no way do
I want to stop them (and me) going to evil sites like!

Anyone know any reg hacks or anything that can disable parental control
for good?


Re: Norton Parent Control changed to REDUCE security!

An update - I've managed to get onto now by going through
the settings for this user account and permitting every type of
website. But I still don't get why this is happening at all - Norton
says that parental control is off for this user anyway! There seems to
be some sort of default override going on.


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