Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

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Hi, new guy on the list here. My question is what is a good program to use
to "scrub" my hard drive of  web site trails, deleted photos and documents.
I ve seen a few out there for download, but I cant afford most of the "good"
ones. Can anyone recommend a inexpensive/free one that excels at getting rid
of the "trails"?
Also, I've been having such problems with Zone Alarm Security Suite (SPIT!),
that I have finally given up on it. Can anyone recommend a program that is
similar, but more reliable?

Thanks you all!


Re: Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

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Depends upon shat you're running. Google is your firend here, but sdelete is
reliable (one can argue forever what consitutes "adequate")

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Erm.. /anything/?

Not a big fan of ZA.. my least-used annual subscription, by 50 weeks.

Again, Google is your friend (can even search this froup, where the question
comes up a lot). I like hardware routers, myself, but YMMV.


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Re: Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

If you are tidying up after yourself to prevent embarrassing the wife and
kids, there are several good, free or nearly free, programs out there. Even
AD-Aware and Spybot remove some usage tracks. If you're trying to hide from
LEA's none of the commonly touted products like Evidence Elim. etc. will
prevent a forensic expert from finding enough to hang you out to dry. No
newbie, or even most highly proficient users, understand the amount of
intertwined information left behind on even a wiped harddrive. You will be
in no position to judge whether the program has done as promised until the
knock comes at the door.

Re: Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

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OK, thats what I was looking for. No, I'm not a criminal, nor have I done
anything that could be construed as such. Im just worried about trojans and
the like, and the stuff they can put on my computer. So I take it the only
way to eliminate everything on the HD would be to break into itty bitty
bits? :)
Thanks for the info. I do use a routrer between my PC and the net. Do those
work well blocking garbage like spyware, trojans, etc?




What does "LEA" stand for?

Re: Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 08:12:53 -0700, "Ryan Elkins"

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Yes, but the best way of not getting these things is to 'just say no'
to the rubbis you are presented.

Whilst doing some researh yesterday I came across the following
site, which has some good basic adice, well presented.

Its nice to see that your tax dollars are being well spent.

Jim Watt 

Re: Noob question: Harddrive "scrubber"

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That is the best way, depending on how valuable you think the stuff is.
Running a repeat write with a variety of bit patterns over teh whole drive
will erase everything that someone who is unwilling to spend an hour a
kbyte or more could find.

Heat it as well, to red hot.

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No. Most come in through legitimate ports like http. You log onto bad sites
and download the spyware/trojans/...
A firewall router will a) make it hard for an outside machine find yours to
attack, and b) make it hard to find open ports to attack. But if you invite
the bad guys into the bedroom, ain't nothing the best locks on the door
will do for you.

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