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>Ass backwards in fact. You should shut everything >off, then make
&rules only for the things you >absolutely need. Your reversed nonsense
&is an >insecure clusterfuck.

Get an education fucktard, he's telling you how to set up rules to block
probes to your system, you set up rules to allow or dissallow what you want
after. If you took your head out of your ass you might learn that

Re: Nomen Nescio

None wrote:

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Um, no.

Firewalls should be set up to block everything and then holes punched
in them to allow what's needed. If you're running around trying to
block things individually you've mucked it up horribly. In fact I don't
even think Kerio will let you do things that way any more, but it's
been a long time since I played with that toy.

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