NIS/NPF and MF question

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Other than having a clean, spyware/virus free system, and keeping the
startup items in check, does anyone know of a way to keep these proggies
from hogging up system resources and causing a 3+ min boot time on computers
that are just a couple of years old?

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Re: NIS/NPF and MF question

Alceryes wrote:
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Wow, I run products on an old 1800 AMD box,  I just timed it, boot less
than 30 seconds, Though I seldom reboot.

How much memory do you have installed?  While 128M is what XP requires
it is much more comfortable with 256 and 512 is better especially when
adding NIS suite though 256 should be plenty.

What is the boot delay setting for hdd spinup in the bios? has anyone or
could anyone have fooled with the default settings?

Which processor?

Is the box home networked? (network config can impact boot time)

What services are turned on? (Ensure only required services are turned
on has some good services guides)

Is the BIOS Memory check turn off?

Where does the lag occur?

Have you defragged the drive recently?

Have you run a check disk recently?

What is running at bootup?

What is the cache size for the system? (should be at least 2.5 X Memory)
if fixed.  (If you fix the cache size then change it from what it is it
will cause the cache to rewrite itself.  I have seen corrupt caches
cause bootup issues).

If system an old build or never rebuilt, run MRU blaster from wilder
security.  It will remove a lot of clutter from the registry.

Have you looked at the boot log?

Is there any failure loading device drivers?

Anything in conflict or not working properly?  (Right click my computer
select properties/Hardware/device manager) Items will have either red X
or yellow! )

Did you set Spybot to run at bootup? (I know silly question except I
have seen it set this way, it is an install option)

While NIS can be a resource hog it sounds like something is odd . That
boot time does seem long.  I question if it is the fault of the products
unless something didn't install properly, have you tried to uninstall
then reinstall the products?

You don't provide much on the system or its configuration.

There are a number of issues that can cause bootup issues.  Does the
system run ok after it has completed boot?

Additionally if you have turned up the heuristics of the AV portion you
can dramatically impact its performance and reliability.

I have mentioned a number of things that can impact bootup, but there
are many more things that can cause issue.  You don't really provide
enough information to even guess at the issues?


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