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Re: Newsgroup security regarding posters identity ?

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There's several, depending on how much anonymity you want/need, and how
much hassle you're willing to put up with.
If you really REALLY want TOTAL anonymity, you have to use an anonymous
remailer and a mail2news gateway.
For "good enough" just use a newserver with short UL logs.  The only 2
I've found that would give me the info and seemed short enough were
Astranews and Teranews.  However, Teranews's guy's answer seemed a little
sketchy, and plus they totally suck as a newserver.  Astranews is ok, but
if you want the best total solution I suggest using 2 servers: one with
great retention for d/l, and Astranews for u/l.  I believe some
newsreaders will let you configure that way, but I use Agent 2.0 and it
doesn't.  I just made a macro to post with another instance to Astranews
if I'm reading on APN (really Supernews but Forte sells for them).
APN/Supernews has the best retention I've ever seen.

If you're medium worried, you can go thru TOR or Anonymizer to connect to
Terranews's free server.  That way you have no easily tracable IP and
you're not paying the newserver, so they can't give any info.  But, like I
say, Terranews sucks so I don't know if I'd count on your posts getting
100% propagation.

The next stage is the Nym server (don't know too much about this, but
google it).  It allows people to respond to you via email and for you to
send, and of course you use it to post thru a gateway to the Usenet too.
But, it's not 100% anonymous because they can reply.
It uses encryption on your msgs. too, then chains several anon servers
together so that by the time it gets 3 or so down, the last server doesn't
know anything about you.  (I'm sure I'm not describing this too well, so
you should check the old google).

Then there's the super paranoid one where you use a total anonymous server
and nobody can reply, and they're chained together, and you use TOR or

The final level would be to use an internet cafe, with fake id and pay
cash, and wear a disguise (security cams).

Oldschool hackers used to use stolen internet access or those AOL disks to
get the trial acct, give all fake info, and use a laptop to call in from a
payphone with one of those oldtime modem to phone handset cuffs.
Nowadays alot "wardrive" to steal WiFi access.  That way they're never
seen since they just stay in the car, and whoever's ISP they "borrow" gets
framed for anything illegal that's done.
I suspect (since they're using their own computer in that case) that they
might even go so far as to use a non Intel CPU as they have those f-ing
imbedded ID that's broadcast to sites.  You're supposedly able to disable
it on later versions, but I wouldn't trust it.
AFAIK, AMD doesn't have it, and Intel's pre-PII's and earlier didn't.

I'm sure there may be even MORE paranoid tips, but that's all I know.
I can't imagine how you'd get burned on the last one.. unless you're
hacking into the FBI and stay there long enough for them to trace back to
you and triangulate on your car :)
Of course, if you were already under surveillance, you'd be f-ed.
If you're last name sounds middle eastern, you may already be!

I'm not really into it myself, so I just go the 2 newserver route and
leave it at that.  Should be enough for "civilian" spying by RIAA and
such.  They still halfway have to obey the law to find you.

HTH, and if anybody else knows anything further, please post!
For email response, or CC, please
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Re: Newsgroup security regarding posters identity ?

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from multiple servers simultaneously and newsfeeds has about a dozen.
I am usually pulling from about six at once.

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Re: Newsgroup security regarding posters identity ? wrote:
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One potential problem I see with the wardriving scenario is that if
you're assigned an IP address by the unsuspecting user's DHCP server,
then would it log your MAC address somewhere??? Is that something the
ISP could get hold of???

However, they would then have to locate you via MAC address, which may
not be so difficult to do, if that sort of info is stored by the vendor
somehwere along with the laptop's serial number??? And if you paid by
credit card, then you'd potentially be traceable... Er I sold the laptop
to a man with a beard at the pub officer - honest!


Re: Newsgroup security regarding posters identity ?

On Mon,  9 Jan 2006 04:36:45 +0100 (CET), George Orwell
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Well, of course if you're doing anything where that level of govt. evil
would be after you, there's no protection once they've specifically
targeted you.  Hell, they could sit outside your house in a van and read
the rf emissions off your monitor.  Or why even bother with that, just
"sneak and peak" and copy your whole drive when you're not home.

If you're doing anything the might erroneously target you for, don't use
your own ISP!  You would definitely have to do the wardriving thing.
Or, if speed wasn't an issue, go super old school with the pay phone and
an AOL disk :)

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I would say that if they get ahold of your computer, you're going to get
screwed somehow.  At the very least, they could "accidentally" wipe your
drive or break your computer!

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