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I have been plauged with problem when trying to respond to posts about
the scandal with Govt snooping. I get a screen saying too many
connections etc etc. When I go to NNTP there are No NNTP connections.
Norton isn't doing a damn thing. I get connections with places like
France Telecom, Pistol River Telecom, another one on an Apache
Reservation near Phoenix and a variety of others.
Whe I first fire up there may be 15 or 20 connections with any corner of
the globe. Norton says it blocks them but log shows incoming and
outgoing traffic.
Ad Aware, Yahoo, Norton, Spybot aren't worth a damn aparently. Everybody
wants to see that there is nothing but geneology on this outfit aparently.
Is there anything short of reformatting to stop what is aparently Adware?
There is nothing I can do about BB. My IP is mysteriously hundreds of
miles away from my provider now.

Re: Newsgroup Post Interference

tightwad wrote:
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If I understand your issue, bear in mind your post is a bit vague in
technical terms, you may be infested with something similar to cool
search which may have proxied your connection.  There are several
critters around which modify the winsock (windows assumed) similar to
the method that cool search introduced.  There are other possibilities
as well however I would not assume it was related to your posts to

Without some detail on your winsock LSPs (advanced mode spybot) it would
be difficult to guess because there are other ways to hijack a
connection.  Worse if you find and delete the winsock proxy in question,
do not be surprised if your winsock quits working  (ie network
communication ceases).

Have you looked to see if a proxy was established via the browser
control panel?  (A number of spyware packages simply set a proxy (common
place with MS IE) but not impossible with other browsers and unpatched
JAVA engine or unpatched system) (additional side note: not impossible
with any winx system at the moment due to current OS vulnerabilities.)

Personally I suspect malware instead of the "government".

The government might listen but typically they have more to be involved
with than to be worried about secret worries from conspirators who are
not in a position to know.  Conspiracy theorists have existed since
recorded time but in these times there are bigger issues on the radar
than to screw with someones computer.  If big brother was concerned they
would listen to your communications very successfully without tipping
their hat.  If you were a threat, you would just disappear
somewhere...or suffer an inexplainable gas leak, random drive by, staph
infection, ebola if you were loved... uh possibilities are endless...but
typically they would, by far far higher probability, just collect the
evidence for prosecution and locate associated malcontents for files and
potential monitoring.  In spite of many peoples belief, government folks
are not inherently evil, in fact the ones I know, have altruistic
patriotic motives in their activities.

If your IP and your apparent IP are different, and you can see no direct
communication via netstat -a to remote domain, I might suspect a root
kit on system.  You can check for this using System Internals Rootkit

Bear in mind these are not the only possibilities, but are only my best
guess from vague problem definition.


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