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Hi everyone ,

Free remote access keylogger tspy site has been


The previous site has been  closed by the

hosting company.

The free remote access keylogger is now available

to download from this new site

Make use of the freeware spy software.
Remember use the software sensibily.Only in your

personal home computer only.

Features & Details

Tspy Is A Freeware Program . Tspy has the ability

to get the keystrokes and the names of the programs

opened and in which time they were opened.


       TSPY is a program that lets you record to a

special file and then view all the keystrokes typed

by everyone using your computer.


      TSPY will log all the actions you perform

while editing an important document. If necessary,

you can restore not only the text itself, but also

all the variants which preceded the final edition.


      TSPY has the ability to send the spied data

to your email address,which means the log files

will be sent to your inbox as an attachment.This

feature is useful if you are away from your home

for holidays or business meetings.


      TSPY has built in SMTP email sending engine ,

which means you do not have to provide Email Server

address.TSPY only needs your valid email id to sent

the emails to your inbox directly as an attachment.


      TSPY is so small that it wont consume much

memory of your computer unlike other commercial spy



      TSPY lets you track what programs were ran on

your computer while you are away. It lets you read

the e-mails sent, see web sites visited and review

information entered in the forms (including the

information that is not usually openly displayed).

In other words, you get the detailed information on

keys pressed and the application that the user

typed them to while TSPY was running.


      TSPY can work in Stealth mode without showing

its presence on the machine. Only you know the

program is running at the moment and keeps an eye

on your relatives and colleagues, logging down all

their actions on your computer.


      TSPY is easy to use. Immediately after

installing the software you'll see the help window

with the tour of the program's main features.

You'll be able to run the program automatically on

each startup and hide it from other users following

some easy steps.

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