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Hello everyone,

I got this thing that only happens on the administrator account for no
apparent or known reason.  I have a separate limited user account that I for
everyday surfing.   It doesn't do the same thing.

A minimized window with a data icon will slip onto my system tray and slide
right off again.  It happens regardless of whether my popup blocker is on,
my firewall, anti-virus, etc.  It is not an application that is being
blocked.  I used Spybot Search & Destroy to see if I would find anything.
It found nothing.  So, it is not caused by any spyware known by Spybot.  I
have tried changing my ip.  Of course, I looked to see if it was a program
trying to update but getting blocked as a popup.  In fact, this was
happening even before I formatted and reinstalled Windows a month ago.
Whatever is causing it is an anomoly to me.

Anyone know why the heck it keeps doing that?  Feel free to e-mail me if you
know why the computer is doing this.

By the way, hello to all.  This is my first post on a newsgroup.  I just
typed in "" to get Road Runner newsgroup lists.  My
teacher told me to check it out, though I had never thought to myself.

I am in the first quarter of my first year at ITT Tech learning computer
network systems (CNS).  My plan at this point is to get an associate's in
CNS, pick up the extra quarters I need to get an associate's in web
development, and go on to get a bachelor's in ISS (information systems
security).  Yet, anyway, my knowledge is obviously limited at this stage.


Re: Newbie With A Bug or Something...

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Welcome aboard!

I recommend you nip on over to and download some of
their free software.  Process Explorer seems particularly applicable to
your situation (although other components of the Pstools suite and tools
like Autoruns and Filemon could also be useful).


PS  On reflection, Autoruns may be the best tool to start with.

PPS  You may wish to have these programs startup automatically at boot
rather than being invoked manually afterwards.

Re: Newbie With A Bug or Something...

Thanks for that excellent link.  I am working with Autoruns now.  Looking up
info on some of these files on the Internet.  I don't know if you have ever
seen this site: , but it is a real
good one to have in your favorites.  Along with this one: .

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