new mirar installation method??????

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    i've been pretty fortunate the last 5-7 years and can honestly say I
have never been infected by malware & spyware.  I have been a true and loyal
kasparsky user since day one and a few other antispyware programs i use (no,
not running them all at the same time!) i scan with one the proceed to the
next till I have 3 scans completed.

    anyways, my the reason for my post is last night while surfing the net
my browser came to a halt, then came an internet explorer error and all ie
windows closed.  i can accept the fact that ie crashed no big deal.  not the
first, not the last time i would imagine.  what really baffles me is after
grabbing a bite, i came back to my computer and to my surprise there were 4
ie pages opened. with a big white & light blue box in the middle thanking my
for installing mirar toolbar.  i was shocked to see that i became infected
with this garbage.  needless to say i removed all of it without any problem
or it coming back to haunt me again.

what i like to know is how in the world did i become infected?  yes i
probably should of had kasparsky's online protection enabled but never had
to turn it on before and have done just fine without it.  i deleted all my
history so i can't go back to the last 3 or 4 pages to see which one got me
and how.  so, i'm just wondering could it be a new exploit?

Re: new mirar installation method??????

My wife was browsing birthday card sites on Wednesday evening and managed to
download a Mirar toolbar. Norton Auto Protect indicated that it contained
'malicious script' and disabled my POP email system.

I disabled the toolbar and did a full virus scan and found nothing.

Out of curiosity I did a Windows Explorer search for any downloaded .exe
files for that day and found 2 files that had installed at the exact time of
the problem: gadcom.exe and prunnet.exe. The first one is described as an
Infostealer and the other is a Downloader. When I opened the folders to look
at them the Auto Protect immeadiately identified them and tried to delete
them. Gadcom.exe refused to be deleted until I realized it had to
first be shut down using Task Manager. The other went without a fight.

I thought anybody who comes across the Mirar toolbar ought to be aware!!


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Re: new mirar installation method??????

ok so i'm not the only one thats come across this one.

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Re: new mirar installation method??????

On this special day, kreepz wrote:

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By using the Internet Explorer. Sorry to say so, but there is an
exploit out there in the wild since October or earlier which hasn't
been fixed yet.

I prefer to browse with Opera, because then such incidents are *less
likely* to happen (not impossible, only unlikely), as using an uncommon
browser will get you out of that area which is most predominantly under

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