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I suspect my lover has been involved with someone else, they have
lately been very secretive about their Gmail and I suspect that is how
they are communicating.  How can I hack into the account to see - I
only want to do this once so don't need a permanent solution - not
even sure if there is a difference.

Re: Need help formulated on miércoles :
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You are right, there is no difference between hacking a Gmail account
only once or many times, in a court of law the prison sentence would
likely be the same.


Re: Need help

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you right I have hired a private investigor now instead

Re: Need help explained on 05/02/2009 :
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Assuming you are sharing computer with your wife, you dont need to hack
her Gmail account to read the emails, simply go to internet explorer
cache and it should be stored there.

Since you have legitimate access to the computer which is in part
yours,  you would not breaking into anybone's account, and likely be

It is perfectly possible to read someone else's email by accident in
shared computers.


Re: Need help wrote:

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I recommend to just invoke a brute force attack against the account.
That shouldn't take longer than a few billion years.


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