need an encryption plan...

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security newbie here,

So I've downloaded TrueCrypt, and read a fair amount of "howto's" but
haven't run into any PRACTICAL advice.

I have WINXP media center on a laptop, and use almost exclusively open
source programs. This is a new comp, with OS pre-installed, and system
recovery files on separate (D) partition.

My concerns are:

    a) I need to protect all personal info; email; documents.
    b) I want to prevent all internet and usenet usage from being reviewed
as well, in the event the laptop is stolen.
    c) I don't want to re-enter a 50 character password at every save or
open, once per session will be adequate.

My questions:

    1) Should I (can I?) reformat the C partition (as an encrypted volume),
reinstall windows (presumably from the D recovery partition), then the
programs and docs? Or just uninstall the few programs already loaded
(leaving OS), then install them into an encrypted file?

    2) Or, do I just need to move my docs into the encrypted file? How,
(and where) do I catch all the internet "tracks", usenet headers etc.?

Thanks, and any pointers to practical usage advice appreciated.


Re: need an encryption plan...

TrueCrypt won't help with what you are trying to do. What you need is a
Full Disk Encryption  (FDE) suite. A FDE solution will protect
everything including OS and temp space.

And FDE uses pre-boot authentication, where you only have to enter your
password once at the boot time to decrypt the whole HDD. Some FDE
solutions also allow you to Single Sign On to the Operating System.

For more info, see: (some basic info about FDE and a
mailing list) (a list
of FDE products)
(comparison of various FDE solutions)


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