MSN Messenger, sharing applications?

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We are a company that sometimes would need to share a programming
application between coutries, helping each other solving programming
problems that way. MSN Messenger has that capability but how risky is it
really doing that? Is it a great security risk to use that application
sharing capability?

I have heard that one can also run MSN Messenger through some kind of
own Messenger server making the connections much more secure. But what
if one does not use that kind of central server and instead just use the
built in option that every user of MSN Messenger can use? It is
seriously stupid and risky doing that in a business? Is it more risky
sharing an application in MSN than using it for video conversation,
instant messenging etc?

Re: MSN Messenger, sharing applications?

On Sat, 09 Apr 2005 18:10:59 +0200, AV wrote:
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We have a couple development locations in India, we never share any
business information with them except through encrypted emails or through
a VPN (site to site) tunnel. Using public services is like saying I don't
want anyone to know about xyz and then using a competitors phones to relay
the information.

If you want to share, setup a VPN or setup a FTP site with no anonymous
access and then encrypt the files before you put them on the server for
them to pull.

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Re: MSN Messenger, sharing applications?

Leythos wrote:

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...he gave you good advice. Stay away from public entities if you are doing
things with company private information...


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