Moon's interesting e-spy legend

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Ssun Myung Moon's unification church owns Sun Crystal, a buisiness that
makes listening devices of all data types for police agencies
internationally and perhaps for private entitites as well.

His kirk also owns the building in wash.d.c., that houses the ATF,
whilst he owns two automatic weapons manufacturing plants, one in
massachussets that was busted for some off-inventory distribution.

They own Wacom which makes graphic tablets that can be modified as
targeting displays for aircraft in california

nnd recently took over thru suspicious means Gabrielli Winery in
Mendocion Ccount;y (200 acres or so within earshot of the Bohemian
Grove) as the moon flies.

Moon recently gave 47 million usd to north korea's dictator as a
present so that moon could set up a moonie-vatican in moon's birthplace
in North Korea.

Moon's son has recently tried to encourage British and other western
followers who have already had the marriage and settled down outside of
the moonie centers with kids of their own to emigrate en masse to
brazil where indigenous diamond mines are being mined illegally--or at
least were till the massacre took out the mostly western

moon had deep ties to Abramoff, the indicted wasahington lobbyist.

and poor bush jr and his dad thought just because moon pays bush sr
huge speakers fees that moon is a friend to  western or even american

oh, and the endangered species they introduce and import illegally for
canned-hunts and private zoos and delicacy-meat restaurants.

hrmmm. cross-species virii anyone? go well with bechamel sauce.

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