Monitor Network activity by website?

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Dear experts,

I use a firewall on my XP machines.

And, set task manager to come up on startup.
This way I can watch any network activity that is ocurring.

Usually, I can be pretty sure that the network activity is
coming from me.  But sometimes there is activity not from me.
I will run netstat to see the IP and HTTP addresses.
Often it can be a background processes running, such as updates.

But what if is it is malicious?

What website is that coming from????

I'd like to get some software that will summarize network
activity by website and IP address.  In real time.

So, if I see a lot of actvity on task manager networking,
I will see exactly which websites and IP addresses that
activity is associated with.

I noticed that Linux has iptraf.  This is a good start.
From what I can see, it shows me all the activity.
But I don't see a way to summarize this activity by
website or IP address.

What are some software packages that will summarize the
network activity by website?   Ideally, for free
(similar to process monitor, or explorer).

Thanks a lot!

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