mixed review re: zonealarm

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My Windows experience is only moderate compared to time spent on Mac.
But while using zonealarm on an XP machine last year, I decided to test
the jscript-blocking feature of the firewall. I found that when
javascript was enabled in either IE or Firefox, the firewall's script
filter wasn't keeping the browser from broadcasting my IP and other info
WHILE running through a good anon proxy. So, for me, zonealarm is useful
for easy configure and for its functions which do work, WHEN used in
conjunction with a recent-model router. For XP, remember to disable the
Windows built-in firewall.

think anon

Re: mixed review re: zonealarm

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A software-only anonymous proxy can't hide your IP address unless it's
working with a backend anonymyzing network of some sort (e.g. tor,

What specifically did your mac do in this regard that the win box

Don't get me wrong, I'd much prefer using a mac over windows any day,
but I'd like to be sure criticisms are at least fair/accurate.
There are so many of those to choose from in that battle.  :-)

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: mixed review re: zonealarm

Hey Todd, thanks for the info. I wasn't advocating for Macs, just
commenting on zonealarm and the general thought that SW firewalls may
not provide solid protection on any machine. re: hiding one's IP, I've
found that a good anonymous proxy will indeed hide one's IP if java and
scripts are disabled in the browser, even without any firewall. The anon
proxy, however, will almost always pass along your OS, hdwe.platform,
browser version and your local timestamp. But at least it's some anon
and it's free. I'd love to try TOR or similar for real privacy, even for
casual web-searches. Will be going with some sort of Linux or
Solaris-type OS before long after putting together some new hardware.
There's an issue with Rutkowska's "Blue Pill" that I want to avoid from
the start, preferring older processor technology if it will avoid this
problem.   -b

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