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on another topic... im helping my friend out he's got alot of problems... it
is infected with 28 malicious spyware according to spybot. i have since
tried to clean it up with spybot only... and ran into some major problems
with the whole system.. and when i run spybot and clean everything i do
another search and it says a DSO exploit is still present. it never gets
cleaned. so i restored them back and am stuck on how 2 get rid of them...
its running win 98 norton system works..but i think that was turned off and
even this program has trouble running. he can't backup his sacred files bcoz
burner has even stopped working! is there nething that can b done!

Re: miracle is needed!

Ben Yarnold wrote:

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Try typing spybot DSO exploit into Google

Re: miracle is needed!

Ben Yarnold wrote:
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No miracle required. Provide your friend a tissue, find the system disk
, make sure it is write protected.  Get to to command prompt.  Type
format C: /S


Spybot is fairly reliable for spyware detection however numerous
exploits can bypass it.

I would probably never trust the system even after it "seemed" clean.
You will spend more time fixing it than it will take rebuilding it.
Some exploits replace critical DLLs.  Since the OS is 98 it will be
difficult to secure however first stop is a good firewall, have it
available for load before you even touch the net. Don't use IE as the
browser, and don't use outlook as the mail client.  Ensure a good AV
solution is used.


Re: miracle is needed!

winged wrote:
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Opps My bad, please ignore my previous response.  I was in bed thinking
about response and remembered DSO exploit and how spybot used to have an
issue with this, though I didn't think it was the 1.3 version.  I went
to the spybot home site and found this

Are you running the current 1.3 version and is it current with the
latest update?  I remembered this was an issue once upon a time with
spybot 1.2.  It would report it fixed the issue and the exploit was
always reported unfixed.

I wouldn't be too concerned with the report but the current version
updated catches many more things.  There is a huge difference in
functionality between 1.2 and 1.3 irrespective of what appears to be a
minor version change.  You can grab the current version from
www.majorgeeks.com under spyware utilities be sure to run the update
before you scan the system. Run it in expert mode.  1.3 does not require
shutting down the client and restart of tool.  The real power of spybot
is found in the expert mode menus above the basic scanning capability.


Re: miracle is needed!


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Get adaware and run that.

Jim Watt          

Re: miracle is needed!

Ben Yarnold wrote:
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Whats needed is you need to talk like an adult, by learning to spell,
AND quit using numbers in place of words.

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