Microsoft patching zero-day Windows 7 SMB hole

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by n3td3v November 14, 2009 1:38 PM PST

"3 days almost is more than enough time to send out a super-critical
patch for an issue like this via Windows Update"

You don't know much do you about what goes into it to roll out a patch
on a world-wide scale in such a widely used product. It cannot be done
in three days, it takes a least a month minimum to verify the
vulnerability, documentation prepared, the patch developed and tested
to meet the requirement.

If Microsoft rushed a patch and it wasn't to the correct standard and
it crashed every system world-wide, there would be an outcry.

There is no excuse for what Gaffi=E9 did, he has no respect for
Microsoft, its customers or internet security and the security
industry of security professionals.

Keep in mind security professionals need to test the Microsoft patches
in-house before they get rolled into individual corporate networks
even if a patch is released.

It's everybody affected by such bad disclosures as this not just
Microsoft. If you think this is teaching Microsoft a lesson its not,
its a sure way to get everyone in the security industry not to like
you though.

Security professionals are happy with the required time it takes
Microsoft to release a patch, it cannot be done any faster than it is

Gaffi=E9 is a loner on this issue if he thinks direct action will change
corporate policy, its border-line cyber-terrorism. =
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