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What ways do you suggest to protect access to your computer. Passwords, etc

Re: Max Security

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Ah, the well-constrained question.  

Lock the room it's in, you keep the only key.  Make sure it's not a
drop ceiling.  Never connect  it  to  any network or the internet.

To get better advice, you'll need to fill in some details as to what
you're concerned about protecting, what OS it's running, the
environment the machine is used in (physical and network), what its
used for, and how many users have to access it....

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Max Security

We have free very capable encryption software up on our site, stop by
and have a look, it should fit the bill.

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Re: Max Security

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You can start here:
Security and Encryption Faq - Revision 21
by Doctor Who


Version: PGP 8.1


Re: Max Security

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The FAQ is good but IMHO is far too light on boring but important stuff
like physical security.


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