Making Outpost work

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I am on XP Pro + SP1 and have taken out a trial of Outpost Pro 2.5.

I am finding it quite hard configuring this firewall.  At the moment
my Opera browser gets blocked whenever my third-party clipboard
manager (Yankee Clipper) pastes a URL into the address bar.

Outpost complains about the clipboard utility trying to change a
component of the brwoser.  Huh?  I don't understand it and what's
worse i don't know how to prevent Outpost blocking the browser at
that point.

Can anyone advise please.


On a larger scale, is it worth peristing with Outpost?  As it seems
like quite a headache to get right.

I do NOT REALLY NEED FEATURES for mail attachments, cookies, ActiveX,
scripts, etc.  Those things my I do well enough in the browser or in
my antivirus software and I don't have a MAJOR NEED for a second line
of defense against them.

As beackground I have used:

Sygate Free 5.5 and Sygate Pro 5.5 and both were ok (reporting is
better than others but I would have like even more reporting tools).

free Kerio (2.1.5) but reporting and user interface were always a bit
too tricky to use comfortably.

Zone Alarm Pro 4.5 but I continually get alert messages about
loopback and suspected application hijacking (EG when the
browser calls the emailer).  Reporting is not good either.

Is it worth me trying a different firewall?

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