Lack of accountability can KILL internet. Imagine a real life situation where everyone is ...

Do you have a question? Post it now! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures! - Your source of reputation in the online world. is a feedback system that attaches an ongoing
"reputation" to those anonymous email addresses, and makes internet
users accountable for their actions.

Show People You Can Be Trusted
Create a detailed picture of yourself so that others can get to know
you and make it easy for them to trust you.

Don't Be a Stranger
Wherever you go online, take your accomplishments and reputation with
you. Whatever you've done, online and offline, show it to other people.
check feedbacks for someone, leave feedback for someone, or build your
profile by requesting feedbacks from people you know. This credibility
can be used by us as we interact on the internet - blogging, posting,
sharing ideas - for business or for fun.

Give It a Try
Why not start right now to build a trustworthy online identity? It's
free, fast, and easy.

Thank you and welcome to Credibility in the information age.

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