K9 Web Protection and Hiding Offensive Sites in Search Results

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I like the K9 Web Protection software.  I don't use it to block sex and
drugs.  I use it to create a blacklist of sites that have no useful
content, but instead just a bunch of advertisements that have nothing to
do with my search.

So my question is: Is there any way to actually have my search results on
Google altered so the sites listed in my blacklist don't even show up in
search results?  I want to create a little bubble of reality for myself
where sites like www.fixya.com don't exist for me at all because they're


Re: K9 Web Protection and Hiding Offensive Sites in Search Results

Damaeus wrote:

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I've heard of but never used software that claims to remove the
sponsored links from Google results.  Your scheme won't work as that
merely attempts to remove content (to which Google is pointing, not what
it presents in its own web page).  The software to remove Google's ads,
like the sponsored links, would have to modify their web page while or
after downloading it to you.

You blocking the source of content or a site has nothing to do with the
text displayed in search results.  You would need to maintain a
blacklist of sites that you don't want to *visit* or from whom you don't
want to render their linked content from there on a page that you do
visit.  The 'hosts' file is one means of doing that if you're willing to
use someone else's pre-compiled list or maintain your own.  There are
site filters, like Adblock for Firefox, that can block access to sites
or content delivered from there on the pages you visit.  There is no
adblock add-on for IE (you never bothered to mention which web browser
you use) but you can compile an .xml file used with IE8's InPrivate
Filtering (which can be set to be always on when you start IE8 through a
registry edit) to compile your own blacklist.  Or you could use
something like K9 to block access to the unwanted sites or their
unwanted content elsewhere but not that a visited site has text links on
which you could click (and then fail) to navigate to there.  You could
even use OpenDNS which allows you to define blocked sites by their
hostname (can be FQDN or just the domain) but free accounts are limited
to just 50 entries.  That way all your hosts using OpenDNS (probably
because your router is configured to use it instead of your IPS's DNS
server and all your hosts get their DNS service through the router's
pass-through DNS server) would have that unwanted content blocked;
however, DNS is only involved when having to do a hostname to IP address
lookup.  Humans like names, computers demand numbers for addressing.  So
if the user knew the IP address then they could still visit the
otherwise blocked site; however, most sites would become somewhat or
entirely unusable since their references to other pages would involve
their hostname, not an IP address.

What you want requires modification of the delivered web page.  Links to
unwanted sites are just text presented in the web page (and made
clickable by your web browser).  So just block the sites or from
delivering content to other sites you visit.

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